Apply for early destruction of books

Purpose For a liquidator or provisional liquidator to request ASIC consent for the early destruction of books.
Legislation References Corporations Act 2001\Schedule 2\Insolvency Practice Schedule (Corporations)\70-35
Applicable Fees $47
Lodging Period Applications should only be made when the affairs of the company are fully wound up (not including matters that can’t be progressed). See RG 81.12 for information about when this application should be made. Late Fees Not applicable
Legacy Form Code 574 Related Information Regulatory Guide 81 External Administration: Destruction of Books (RG 81)
Online Lodgement Log in to the ASIC Regulatory Portal Paper Lodgement If you believe you cannot submit via the portal, please contact us for advice on how to proceed.
Last updated: 30/07/2023 10:05