EX06 Notice of termination of restructuring plan

EX06 Notice of termination of restructuring plan



Notice of termination of restructuring plan


Enable lodgement of notifications relating to small business restructuring plans

Applicable Fees

No fee

Lodging Period

2 business days after the day on which the former practitioner receives a notice of the termination of the restructuring plan from the directors

Late Fees

$87 for up to one month late

$362 for over one month late

Legislation References

Corporations Act 2001\457A

Corporations Regulations 2001/5.3B.31

Corporations Regulations 2001/5.3B.57

Related Forms


Related Information


Online Lodgement

 for Liquidators

Paper Lodgement

Not applicable

Address for lodgement

Generally, forms should be posted to:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

PO Box 4000

Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

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