FS01 Application for AFS Licence

Form FS01      
Description Australian financial services licence application
Applicable Fees FSL1A - Retail/Individual/Low complexity/Online $2,233
  FSL1B - Retail/Individual/Low complexity/Paper $3,349
  FSL1C - Retail/Individual/High complexity/Online $5,025
  FSL1D - Retail/Individual/High complexity/Paper $7,537
  FSL1E - Retail/Body corporate/Low complexity/Online $3,721
  FSL1F - Retail/Body corporate/Low complexity/Paper $5,582
  FSL1G - Retail/Body corporate/High complexity/Online $7,537
  FSL1H - Retail/Body corporate/High complexity/Paper $11,305
  FSL1J - Wholesale/Individual/Low complexity/Online $1,488
  FSL1K - Wholesale/Individual/Low complexity/Paper $2,233
  FSL1L - Wholesale/Individual/High complexity/Online $3,350
  FSL1M - Wholesale/Individual/High complexity/Paper $5,025
  FSL1N - Wholesale/Body corporate/Low complexity/Online $2,233
  FSL1O - Wholesale/Body corporate/Low complexity/Paper $3,349
  FSL1P - Wholesale/Body corporate/High complexity/Online $5,025
  FSL1Q - Wholesale/Body corporate/High complexity/Paper $7,537
Lodging Period N/A Late Fees Not applicable
Legislation References Corporations Act 2001\912A
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Online Lodgement

for AFS licensee registration


Paper Lodgement Not applicable
Address for lodgement There is no standard paper AFS licence application. If you are unable to apply online e.g. because you don’t have access to the internet either phone us on 1300 300 630 and ask for a pre-application form (FS05), or download a copy of the Form FS05. The information you provide on the pre-application form will allow us to create a tailored paper application that we will then send to you to complete.
Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:22