Managed funds: Regulatory resources and news

Below is a list of ASIC's regulatory documents located on the Regulatory tracker relating to 'Managed investment scheme' (or 'Managed funds'). 

Note: This information ranges from 2023- present only. Refer to 'related links' below for information prior to 2023. 

Also visit ASIC's Newsroom to search media releases, articles, speeches.

Regulatory Guides

Information sheets




Related links

  • Regulatory tracker to search for regulatory documents (Regulatory guides, Consultation papers, Reports, Information sheets, Legislative instruments) published since 2020 categorised by subject.
  • Legislative instruments which lists all legislative instruments issued by ASIC. 
  • Find a document to search for regulatory guides, information sheets, reports and consultations filtered by subject.
  • Regulatory developments timetable to find proposed timeframes for ASIC regulatory work, such as the publication of draft or final guidance, or the anticipated making of a legislative instruments.

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