Extension of time for a company to hold its annual general meeting

Only the company director can submit this application to ASIC. In the transaction we will ask you to specify whether the application relates to:

  • an extension of time to hold the AGM in a calendar year other than the one required by section 250N, or
  • an extension of time to extend the period within which the company may hold its AGM to a date later in the calendar year in which the AGM would otherwise have been due.

We will also ask you to:

  • specify whether the company is a listed or unlisted public company
  • the name of ultimate holding company (if any)
  • to specify the balance date of reports to be presented at the AGM
  • whether the reports will be/have been audited and the name of auditor
  • to specify the year to which the AGM applies
  • to specify the date to which extension is sought
  • if the company held any previous AGM – if not, then date of registration
  • provide reasons why an extension of time is required.

Shown below are some of the questions and some of the functionality you can expect from this transaction in the portal. This overview does not show every aspect of the transaction.

You will be prompted to provide details including the balance date of reports to be presented at the AGM, year to which the AGM applies, date to which extension is sought, and type of company.

Agm 1

There is also a section where you will provide details of other companies in the economic entity at balance date which are also applying for an extension of time. A reason for the extension is required.

Agm 2

The transaction allows you to easily attach supporting documents.

Agm 3

Provide a contact for the application – ether you as the submitter or someone else.

Agm 4

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