Checking your account balance

A breakdown of your account information is available in the Transactions section on the back of your invoice. It will also list your current account balance and highlight any amount that is owed.

Business names

Business name holders cannot check their account balance online. If you need to check your account balance or get a copy of an invoice, please contact us.


You need to be registered for online access before you can check your account balance.

Once you've logged in, select 'View company details' from the left hand side. You can then select 'Debtor details', which will show the total amount due.

Registered agents

Registered agents can also check the account balance for all companies they manage by requesting a Company Debt Report (RA67). This report displays:

  • the company's name
  • the company's ACN
  • the registered agent number
  • the date the report was requested
  • the total amount owing on the transaction and
  • the amount that is currently due.

Industry funding levies and penalties

Any levies and penalties relating to industry funding will not be shown as part of your account balance in the company portal or on a Company Debt Report (RA67)

To confirm your amount owing as part of industry funding, send us an online enquiry  with your details to confirm the current amount owing. Please include:

  • the entity's details (ACN and name)
  • the account number on the invoice
  • the industry funding invoice number

For more information about industry funding, see Industry funding.

Most small proprietary companies will not have specific obligations relating to industry funding.

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