Late fees

This is Information Sheet 37 (INFO 37).

Most documents need to be lodged with us within a certain timeframe. If documents are lodged outside this time, we may charge a late lodgement fee.

Annual statements and late fees

You need to make sure you pay your annual review fee on time and tell ASIC when your details change. If not, you may be charged a fee for not paying your annual review fee, as well as a fee for not notifying us of any changes. See annual statements and late fees for more information.

Make sure you lodge your documents on time

Company officeholders are responsible for making sure the company lodges their documents on time. The timeframe for each document can be different. We recommend referring to the lodgement guide attached to each form.

If you have appointed a third party (such as a registered agent) to manage your documents, you are still responsible for any delays.

When is a document considered lodged?

A document is only considered lodged when it is received and accepted by us. If lodging in paper, make sure you allow enough time for postage and delivery.

You can lodge a document with us by:

Using our online services

If you've registered for online access, you can change your details and lodge documents online.

Find out more about our online services


Completed forms can be sent with a cheque for payment to:

PO Box 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

Outstanding debt

If fees are left outstanding, we may take action to close your company. To check your account balance, see Checking your account balance.

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