Regulatory Portal

The ASIC Regulatory Portal is your central access to ASIC's growing suite of digital services.

It's an important first step on our journey to improve your experience when transacting and interacting with us and how we deliver online services to you over time.

How to login and register

Select the relevant button or refer to Steps to register for an ASIC Regulatory Portal account or Steps to log in below for further guidance.


Who is the portal for?

Currently, the portal provides service for:

  • Regulated entities with industry funding obligations
  • In scope financial entities who have an obligation to lodge Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) data with ASIC
  • Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) auditors
  • Australian passport fund operators and foreign passport fund operators
  • Trusted representatives of regulated entities – company employees, compliance officers, registered agents, or service providers

Over time, we will add services for:

  • Existing or potential licensees and their representatives – Australian financial services licensees, credit licensees, market operators and managed fund operators
  • Existing or potential registered professionals – registered liquidators, registered company auditors and authorised audit companies
  • Organisations – officeholders or employees who notify or interact with ASIC on behalf of a regulated entity.

What can I do in the portal?

A range of regulatory services will be available through the portal in stages.

Regulated entities with industry funding obligations commenced using the portal in 2018. This will be an annual cycle.

Applications to be registered as an approved SMSF auditor are also now submitted via the portal. If you're an existing SMSF auditor – you will maintain your registration details and submit your annual statements from within the portal too.

In scope financial firms can submit their IDR data files or nil submissions via the ASIC Regulatory Portal, please see the IDR data reporting page for more information about IDR data reporting obligations

Key features

  • Allows you to act on behalf of multiple entities (individuals or organisations) – for example, you may be an officeholder (director or secretary of a company) in which case you can register and claim that entity. You may then invite others to act on your behalf or you may be invited by an entity or an officeholder to act on their behalf in the portal.
  • Uses information you have previously supplied to pre-fill applications and transactions.
  • Tracks the status of your applications and transactions.
  • Enables you to view invoices.
  • Provides you with online payment options, including credit card.
  • Ensures greater security through use of your own individual portal user account and password.
  • Enables you to define user access levels that control what others can do on behalf of an entity (individuals or organisations) - for example, user access levels can be restricted so that some users can launch and edit a transaction, but they cannot submit it.
  • Allows you to correspond with us through the portal about submitted applications or transactions.
  • Allows you to view and respond to official notices.

Individuals acting on behalf of the entity

Only an authorised person, for example an officeholder (or equivalent), or holder of a licence or registration, can perform initial entity registration in the ASIC Regulatory Portal. Once the authorised person has registered they can then invite a trusted representative such as a company employee, a compliance officer, a registered agent, or a service provider to connect to their entity and assign them the required user access to view confidential information and perform regulatory tasks on behalf of the entity.

Once invited, the trusted representative will receive an invitation to the portal for the relevant entity and will be able to perform the required duties on behalf of the entity which they represent, including for example, the submission of industry funding business activity metrics.

The authorised person will only ever have to register and assign access to the trusted representative once for their entity.

Steps to register for an ASIC Regulatory Portal account

When registering for an ASIC Regulatory Portal account, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the ASIC Regulatory Portal

From the ASIC Regulatory Portal homepage, select the blue 'Register' button.

2. Select the tile that matches what you want to do first on the portal.

Select either:

  • 'I want to accept an invitation from a portal user’
  • 'I want to connect to a licence or registration I hold’
  • ‘I want to act on behalf of a registered company or body’
  • ‘I want to connect to an entity using an industry funding security key’

3. Enter your details

The details you need to provide is dependent on what you want to do first on the portal (or which tile you select). Enter the requested details, including an email address that will act as your username.

4. Agree to the terms and conditions set out in the ASIC Regulatory Portal: User Agreement

To register, you'll need to review the ASIC Regulatory Portal: User Agreement, ASIC's Privacy Policy and the Privacy Collection Notice for the ASIC Regulatory Portal and make a declaration of your acceptance of the terms and conditions of using the portal.

5. Open the registration confirmation email and select the confirmation link

Within 10 minutes, we will send you a confirmation email, which will prompt you to create a password. Select the confirmation link in the email to confirm registration. We will then redirect you to create your password.

The confirmation link is valid for 8 hours from initial registration. If the link has expired, you will be redirected to a page allowing you to request a new confirmation email.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your email 'trash' or 'junk' folder first.

If you're still unable to locate the confirmation email, please visit our support page for instructions on how have the email resent.

6. Set your password

Set and confirm your password for your account.

We will then redirect you to a confirmation page. Select Log in.

Steps to log in

To log into the ASIC Regulatory Portal once you have already registered:

1. Go to the ASIC Regulatory Portal login page

From the ASIC Regulatory Portal homepage, select the blue 'Log in' button.

2. Enter your username and password

Enter your username (email address) and password.

3. Select who you would like to represent

Select an entity from the list or click '+ Connect to an entity' to add another entity.

When connecting to an entity, you may be prompted to review contact details for that entity – billing address, billing contact, official ASIC notice contact and industry funding compliance contact.

An entity is a way of describing all the different ways through which business can be conducted – it could be an organisation structure like a company, a business, a partnership or a trust, or an individual (a ‘natural person’).

To connect to an entity, you must either have an existing role within, or for, that entity. A person that has Senior Administrator or Administrator access level within the portal for an entity may also invite you via email to connect. An invitation to connect to an entity will include an invitation key.

If you have an existing role within, or for, an entity you wish to connect to, we will verify your identifying information against our records.

If you hold a professional licence or registration with ASIC or are a registered company officeholder, we need to verify the name you used to register for the portal against the name we have on our records.
If the name you used to create your account does not match our records, you will not be able to connect to the licence, registration or entity. You should check your own records to confirm what name you have used or go to ASIC Connect’s register search -

4. View your dashboard

Once logged in, you will see the entity 'dashboard'. On the dashboard, you will find any recent transactions for the entity and can start new transactions.

In the top middle of the portal banner, the portal shows you which entity you are acting on behalf of or if you are acting for yourself. To switch entities and view a different entity dashboard, click on 'Switch entity' and choose an entity from your list of connections.

Support for portal users

If you're having issues trying to use our online services, visit our portal help page. Here you'll find step-by-step user guides, FAQs and videos to help you.

ASIC Regulatory Portal documentation

User agreement

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the ASIC Regulatory Portal.

Download the agreement (PDF 513 KB)

User guides

Third-party information consent template

Consent for disclosure and use of personal information related to a person who is not the applicant.

Third-party information consent template (DOCX 30 KB)

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