FAQs - Invoices in the portal

Who receives the invoice statement for the transaction I submit?  

There are three possible ways a transaction can be submitted to ASIC and each of them will determine where the invoice statement is issued.

1. Submitting as a law firm partnership

  • While the transactions may be submitted to ASIC on behalf of a client, the debt for each transaction will be raised against the law firm partnership and will be shown on the invoice statement issued to the partnership.
  • Each outstanding transaction will be listed on the one invoice statement as a separate line item, rather than separate invoices for each transaction.
  • This would be the preferred option for law firms who want their employees to submit transactions on behalf of their clients under a centralised law firm account. 

2. Submitting as a company

  • The debt for each transaction will be raised against the company and will be displayed on their invoice statement.
  • The invoice statement will show all transactions submitted by users who have connected to the company account to act on its behalf. This could be either employees of the company or anyone invited to act on its behalf in the portal, such as a lawyer.

3. Submitting as an individual

  • You can submit transactions to ASIC on behalf of yourself or a client from your individual portal account.
  • In this scenario, you are not connected to the portal account of a client entity such as company, however you can still submit transactions on their behalf.
  • The debt for each transaction will be raised against you as the individual who submitted the transaction and will be displayed on your invoice statement.

Are all transactions submitted through the portal shown on the same invoice statement?

Yes. Each outstanding transaction will be listed on the one invoice statement as a separate line item, rather than separate invoices for each transaction.

If the transaction is submitted on behalf a client, the name of the client will appear on the relevant transaction line item.

How often are invoice statements issued in the portal?

Weekly. A new invoice statement will be issued in the week following the submission of a new transaction(s).

Where can I find my invoice statement?

Invoice statements are available from the billing Administration drop down menu. Note that there is a separate invoice tab in the portal for invoices statements issued for ASIC industry funding transactions. 

When do I have to pay the invoice?

Invoices are due for payment immediately.

Can I pay before I receive an invoice?

It is recommended you wait until a new invoice statement is issued each week before making payment. This will ensure that all your latest transactions and payments are displayed.

If you have paid an amount for a transaction before a new invoice statement has been issued, send your remittance to regulatorypayments@asic.gov.au.

Ensure you include the portal transaction reference number in your email to ASIC. This will ensure the line item can be matched with the transaction on ASIC’s records.

What if I don’t pay the full amount as shown on the invoice?

When not paying full amount, we expect you to provide remittance to ensure the line item can be matched with the transaction on ASIC’s records. Send your remittance along with the ASIC reference number(s) shown on your invoice statement to regulatorypayments@asic.gov.au.

What is the ‘ASIC reference’ on my invoice statement?

The first 9 characters and digits are the portal transaction reference number. The remaining characters and digits are for ASIC’s records.

For example:  ASIC reference = “IU0234609 764B”

IU0234609 is the portal transaction reference number for your records 764B is for ASIC’s records only.

Ensure you include the ASIC references if you are providing remittance to.

What are indicative fees?

Some transactions in the portal will provide an indicative fee. After your transaction is submitted to ASIC, we will review the indicative fee that was shown and confirm that the correct fee is charged.

The fee displayed on the transaction is indicative only and is subject to change once the transaction is submitted. Fees displayed as $0 may still incur a fee and we will contact you if this is the case.

For indicative fees, you will not be able to pay by credit card using the ‘pay now’ feature. You will need to wait for the new invoice statement to be issued.

I’ve provided ‘applicant billing contact details’ in the transaction, does this mean the invoice will be issued to the applicant?

No. These details will only be used to name the applicant on your invoice.

How will ASIC notify me when a new invoice statement is available?

An automatic notification email will be sent to the nominated billing contact for the entity. A billing contact is always provided as part of the portal account registration process. This is the Senior administrator of the account by default unless a different contact is provided.  All users connected to the entity can view invoice statements and reminder notices and make payments.

How do I view or change the billing contacts for the entity?

To view or edit the entity billing contacts, click Administration in the top navigation bar. This will reveal a drop-down menu. Select Entity contacts. This will take you to the Entity contacts tab. Click Edit.

How do I pay?

Payment options are provided on the invoice. Refer to our detailed FAQs for more detail on how to pay in the portal. 

What is the ‘pay now’ option in the transaction?

The credit card payment option – ‘pay now’ - is only available on some transactions. This option will appear at the end of the transaction. In these circumstances, you will be required to pay the fee shown before we will process the transaction.

Has ASIC changed the fees charged for the new transactions available in the portal?

No. The fees ASIC charges for applications for relief and the lodgement of corporate finance and fundraising documents are set under legislation and have not changed. See also, ASIC fees.

I have an enquiry regarding my invoice, who can I contact?

You can contact ASIC.

In your correspondence, you must include the ASIC reference numbers shown on your invoice statement, or the portal reference numbers from the submitted transactions, the amount you have paid, and a clear description of what you need help with.  Attach your remittance if your enquiry is about a payment made. 

Where can I send my cheque?

If paying by cheque, you will need to include a cover sheet with the portal transaction reference number included. Also include your account number which starts with ‘60’.

Make cheques payable to ‘ASIC’ and send to:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Locked Bag 5000
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

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