AFS licensing kit

Before you apply for an AFS licence you need to read the AFS Licensing Kit (Regulatory Guides 1 - 3).

  • Part 1: Applying for and varying an AFS licence (RG 1) - Read this for an overview of the application process.

  • Part 2: Preparing your AFS licence or variation application (RG 2) - This helps you answer the questions in the application form and prepare your 'core' supporting proof documents.

  • Part 3: Preparing your additional proofs (RG 3) - This explains any additional proof documents you might be asked to provide.

Questions you'll be asked in the application

You can familiarise yourself with the application form by reading the sample application.

This shows all the possible questions and outcomes that the eLicensing system is capable of. Looking at the sample application is particularly useful if someone else is filling out your application for you. You won't be asked all these questions because the eLicensing system tailors your application to your business.

Need more help?

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