Company auditors

This section contains information about:

  • auditor registration
  • auditor appointment
  • relief
  • auditor resignation
  • annual reporting requirements
  • breach notifications
  • lodgement of applicable documents
  • change of registration details
  • registration cancellation.

We intend these pages to assist people in their application to become a registered company auditor (RCA) or an authorised audit company (AAC) and understand the requirements and compliance obligations under the Corporations Act 2001.

About the application process

You must supply all required information simultaneously with the lodgement of the electronic application. You must prepare these documents and all required supporting information prior to submitting the electronic application. You can email all supporting information to Please include the applicant name in the title of the email, and limit the size of the email to 10Mb. You may send multiple emails in support of your application.

We can only assess complete applications. A complete application is one that includes all the required information and supporting documents. We will return incomplete applications to you.

We aim to assess your application within 28 days from receipt of a complete application. The process may take longer than 28 days, depending upon the complexity of your application and upon whether we need to request additional information from you.

We may ask for additional information during the assessment of your application. You must provide this information within the timeframe requested, or we will assess your application on the information previously provided.

If you do not meet all requirements including the provision of additional information, we may refuse your application for registration.

Pathways for application for registration

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