Cancelling your auditor registration

You can cancel your registration online through the auditors portal.

This section contains the relevant forms and guidance on cancelling your auditor registration.

Form 905 Notification of ceasing to practise as an auditor for both individual auditors and authorised audit companies. You can lodge form 905 online using the auditors portal

There is no fee for resigning as an auditor. You should also return your certificate of registration to ASIC.

ASIC will not cancel the registration of an auditor or AAC where there are any outstanding matters (for example: an annual statement that has not been submitted). Please ensure details are correct and up to date prior to submitting a Form 905 to cancel registration.

Authorised Audit Companies (AAC)

ASIC has the power under the Corporations Act to cancel or suspend the registration of an AAC:

  1. at the request of the AAC (see s1299H); or
  2. if the AAC ceases to be eligible to be registered or fails to comply with any conditions of registration (see s1299I).

An authorised audit company that is applying for voluntary company deregistration under s601AA of the Corporations Act must also apply for cancellation as an authorised audit company. You can apply for cancellation as an AAC at any time: see Form 905 Notification of ceasing to practice as, or change to details of, an auditor.
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