Infringement notices

Infringement notices are administrative actions administered by ASIC or, with ASIC’s authority, the Markets Disciplinary Panel (MDP). There are a number of different infringement notice regimes with differing levels of potential penalty.

ASIC has a statutory power to issue an infringement notice under various provisions including:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 (ASIC Act)
  • Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act)
  • National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations 2010 (National Credit Regulations)
  • National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (National Credit Act)
  • Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Insurance Contracts Act).

Infringement notices register

This register records details of the infringement notices paid under the ASIC Act, Corporations Act, National Credit Regulations, National Credit Act and the Insurance Contracts Act. The notices included in the register have been complied with. Payment of an infringement notice is not an admission of guilt or liability.

Your rights when issued with an infringement notice:

Markets Disciplinary Panel (MDP) Outcomes

The MDP is a peer review panel where decisions are made about whether infringement notices should be issued for alleged breaches of the market integrity rules by market participants.

The MDP Outcomes Register contains details of the outcomes of decisions of the MDP in relation to alleged breaches of the market integrity rules.

Details of matters where the MDP has decided that an infringement notice should be given will be published on the register and will usually be accompanied by a media release.

Where the MDP makes no adverse findings in relation to a matter, the register will include a summary of that finding, usually without disclosing the name of the market participant.

Further information

For more information see Information Sheet 151 ASIC's approach to enforcement.

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