FOI requests

Making an application under the Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act)

COVID 19- Impact on FOI processing

The COVID 19 pandemic may impact ASIC’s ability to process FOI requests. During this time ASIC may seek an applicant’s agreement to extend the processing timeframe or request an extension of time from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner where appropriate.

If you wish to apply for access to one or more documents under the FOI Act, your application must:

  1. be in writing (note, there is no special form);
  2. state that it is a request made under the FOI Act;
  3. contain a sufficient description of the document/s you are seeking, so that ASIC can readily identify them;
  4. give details of how notices under the FOI Act may be sent to you (e.g. by providing a postal or electronic address); and
  5. be posted, delivered or emailed to ASIC.


Charges may be imposed for the time spent in searching for and retrieving relevant documents, decision-making time, photocopying and postage. Access to a document may be refused if the document is within an exception (e.g. the document is available to the public for a fee or other charge) or exemption specified in the FOI Act.

Post your application to:

Senior Manager – Freedom of Information
GPO Box 9827
Brisbane QLD 4001

Or: send to email address

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