Transfer your business name

How to change business name ownership.

Transferring a business name is a two-step process involving the current and new business owners.

If you're the current business owner, you will need to transfer the business name if the new owner wishes to use it. Once the request to transfer is submitted, we will cancel your registration within 28 days. 

Find out what to do if you are the current business owner.

If you're the new business owner and wish to continue using the name, you'll need to register it using the transfer number.  

Find out what to do if you are the new business owner.

You'll also need to complete this process if you currently own a business and its ABN has changed, or you're changing your structure. For example, changing from a partnership to a company.

Find out what to do if your ABN or structure has changed.

Before you transfer your business name

Watch our simple overview of transferring your business name.

Transcript: Transferring a business name.

What happens after the business name is transferred

When you transfer a business name you should be aware:

  • Renewal periods are not carried over to the new business name holder. For example, if there were two years remaining on the previous business name registration this isn't carried over to the new registration.
  • The previous holder can't request a refund of their renewal fees.
  • The transfer number is valid for 4 months and 28 days from the date of the transfer application. After this time, the business name will be available for others to register.
  • Two business names may appear on our register for 28 days. One will be registered to the previous business owner and one registered to the new business owner.

Who needs to transfer a business name

You need to transfer a business name if the person or organisation that owns the business changes.

Find out who needs to transfer a business name.

Stopping your business name transfer

You can stop the business name transfer if the sale of your business falls through or you no longer need to change ownership.

Find out how to stop your business name transfer.

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