ASIC-initiated cancellation of business name

Here we explain why we cancel a business name and what you need to do if you want to keep yours.

Why we might start cancelling a business name

There are a few reasons why we might cancel a business name. These include:

  • not renewing the business name registration
  • the company that holds the business name has been deregistered
  • the holder has been disqualified from holding a business name

Learn more about why we may cancel a business name

How to stop your business name from being cancelled

If you've received a letter from us saying we intend to cancel your business name, and you would like to keep it, you can renew it quickly and easily through our 'Pay now' service.

Learn more about the intent to cancel and how to stop it

Where the letter will be sent

If we don't have an email address for your business name, the letter will be sent to the address for service of documents. We'll also send it to every holder at their residential address.

Learn more about where the notice will be sent

Restore your business name

Once your business name has been cancelled, it cannot be registered by anyone else for at least six months from the cancellation date.

If your business name has been cancelled within the past six months because you didn't renew it in time, you can ask us to restore it.

Find out how to restore your business name

Support for business names

Need more help? See our Support for business names page for guidance on how to manage your business name online.

Want more information on how we manage your business name?

Download our Regulatory Guide 235 or feel free to ask us a question online.

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Last updated: 01/05/2014 12:00