Missing payments

If you've made a payment and it's missing from your account, it could be for a number of reasons.

Cheque payments

It can take several days for a cheque payment to be processed (including postage and processing).

Is the cheque still outstanding, or has it been paid by the bank?

If the cheque has not been presented after several days, or the cheque has been paid but has not appeared in your account, send us an online enquiry with the following details:

  • BSB and account number of cheque account
  • cheque number
  • drawer's name, and
  • the date the cheque was sent.

Post Billpay payments

Do you have a receipt from Australia post?

If you've made payment at Australia Post but don't have a receipt, you'll need to contact them directly.

If you do have a receipt and the payment hasn't gone through, or the amount was incorrect, send us an online enquiry and include the receipt as an attachment.

BPAY payments

BPAY payments can take up to three days to be processed.

Did you enter the biller code and reference number correctly?

If you've used the wrong biller code and paid another organisation, contact your financial institution immediately. If you've paid using a different reference number or paid multiple accounts in the same transaction, send us an online enquiry and include the following details:

  • your reference number
  • the incorrect reference number you used (if applicable)
  • account name
  • amount paid, and
  • proof of payment (e.g. bank statement).

Industry funding payments

If you've made payment for an industry funding levy or penalty, you can confirm the current account balance by sending us an online enquiry

Please include:

  • the entity's details (ACN and name)
  • the account number on the invoice, and
  • the industry funding invoice number

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