Banned and disqualified

The 'Banned and disqualified' search provides information about people and organisations that ASIC has disqualified or banned.

Search the banned and disqualified register

What information is on the banned and disqualified register?

The 'Banned and disqualified' search provides information about people who have been:

  • disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation
  • disqualified from auditing self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and
  • banned from practising in the Australian financial services (AFS) or credit industry.

It also provides information about organisations that have been:

  • banned from the AFS or credit industry and
  • banned from the credit industry by a state or territory.

Information provided in this search is taken from the following registers:

  • disqualified persons register
  • credit banned/disqualified [persons] register
  • AFS banned/disqualified persons register
  • banned securities representatives register (pre-AFS licences)
  • banned futures representatives register (pre-AFS licences).

What details are available on the register?

The following details can be obtained free of charge:

  • name of the person or organisation
  • details of the banning or disqualification including:
    • type
    • date of commencement
    • date of cessation (or whether it is permanent).

You can buy documents that provide further information about the person's banning or disqualification. 

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Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)

ORIC maintains a register of disqualified officers. This register contains information about people who have been disqualified from managing corporations either by a court or by the Registrar.

A person who is disqualified under Pt 6-5 of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 is automatically disqualified from managing companies registered under s206B(5) of the Corporations Act 2001

Enforceable undertakings register

An enforceable undertaking is when a person has agreed with ASIC not to manage a corporation or financial business. This information can be found on our enforceable undertakings register and will not always appear on the banned and disqualified register.

Disqualified trustees register

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) maintains a Disqualified trustees register of individuals who are disqualified from being a self-managed super fund trustee.

The register is updated quarterly and includes all individuals who have been disqualified.

For more information, visit the ATO's website.

Information brokers

Information brokers offer services for obtaining information from ASIC's register and can provide information from sources other than ASIC.

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A corporate key is an 8-digit number uniquely associated with a company’s ACN. Your company needs only one corporate key.

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