Changes to your company

New ID requirement for directors

Company directors are now required by law to apply for a director identification number. Find out more about director identification number.

Here we explain the updates you can make to your company details online.

We've also included useful links to make other changes to your company.

For information on how to wind up your company, see Closing your company. 

Changes must be made online

From November 2015, changes to company details must be made online. The paper Form 484 is no longer available.

You need to register to use our online services before you can make any changes. There's no fee to change your company details online.

Once we've received your changes online, your details will be updated within one business day.

To make changes to company details:

  1. Register for online access using your company's corporate key
  2. Log in to our online services with your company's ACN or ABN
  3. Enter your username and password 
  4. Select 'Start new form' and select 'Change to company details'

Note: If you have your residential address suppressed, it’s important you advise a change of address by lodging a Form 379 Application for suppression of a residential address. If a change of address is lodged by a Form 484 Change of company details, the address will be available for public inspection and will appear on the public

All correspondence is sent to you electronically once you've registered for online services. You will receive an email alert when the correspondence is available. This includes your company annual statement. 

Common changes to company details

The Changes to company details (previously Form 484) online transaction can be used for the following:

Help changing company details

If you are having trouble making changes to your company details, see our user guides for step-by-step instructions.

How long do I have to make changes to company details?

You need to submit a Changes to company details (previously Form 484) transaction within 28 days of the change occurring. Otherwise, late fees apply:

  • $93 for up to one month late
  • $387 for over one month late

Other company changes

Other company changes you can make include:

Changes to company details can be submitted through our online services. Please ensure you register for online access and make all changes in the time allowed.  

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