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ASIC's responses to COVID-19

ASIC website resources

Financial advice relief

22-083MR ASIC to allow COVID-19 temporary relief for financial advice to automatically repeal 15 April 2022


INFO 262 FAQs: COVID-19 information for advice licensees and financial advisers

ASIC Corporations (COVID-19—Advice-related Relief) Instrument 2021/268 

See also

21-072MR, 20-085MR, 20-135MR, 20-220MR, 21-294MR and 21-269MR

Example Record of Advice (ROA): COVID-19 relief measure (PDF 660 KB): see 21-072MR (Editor's note)

ASIC Corporations (COVID-19—Advice-related Relief) Instrument 2020/355 (repealed)

Other relief

ASIC Corporations (COVID-19 — Distribution of Debit Cards) Instrument 2020/401

ASIC Corporations (Share and Interest Purchase Plans) Instrument 2019/547 (see 20-075MR, 20-135MR and 20-220MR)

No action position for superannuation trustees (see 20-220MR)

ASIC Corporations (Approval of Variation of March 2020 Banking Code of Practice) Instrument 2020/602 (see 20-148MR)

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ASIC and APRA letter to superannuation trustees on impact of COVID-19 (PDF 87 KB) (see article 1/4/2020)

ASIC letter - Unlicensed financial advice by real estate agents to tenants (PDF 126 KB) (see article 3/4/2020)

ASIC letter to general insurers in the current COVID-19 environment (PDF 153 KB) (see news item 27/4/2020)

ASIC letter to life insurers in the current COVID-19 environment (PDF 120 KB) (see news item 27/4/2020)

Retail investor trading during COVID-19 volatility (PDF 530 KB) (see 20-102MR)

FINSIA – The regulators: Priorities updated (speech 21/5/2020)

Select Committee on COVID-19 – Opening statement (speech 28/5/2020)

Scam alert: fake endorsements misleading investors (news item 12/6/2020)

COVID-19: what to do if your SME is struggling financially (news item 22/6/2020)

End of COVID-19 deferrals and payments (article 23/6/2020)

Rise in investment scams during COVID-19 pandemic (news item 26/6/2020)

The role of super funds during COVID-19 (article 3/7/2020)

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services - Opening statement (speech 15/7/2020)

ASIC’s role in ensuring confidence is maintained in the financial system (Statement to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, Parliament House: see news item 5/8/2020)

Information for consumers during COVID-19 (news item originally published 1/4/2020, republished 11/9/2020)

Advertising financial products and services: obligations and ASIC’s expectations (news item originally published 18/6/2020, republished 15/9/2020)

ASIC issues no-action position in relation to ongoing fee arrangement obligations for Victorian financial advice businesses (article 24/9/2020)

ASIC letter to insurers, Lloyd’s coverholders and brokers (PDF 153 KB) (see news item 16/10/2020)

Regulatory Update (speech 26/10/2020)

2020 in review and COVID-19 recovery (speech 13/11/2020)

Getting on with it (speech 18/11/2020)

ASIC’s expectations for protecting vulnerable customers (speech 26/11/2020)

2020 update on APRA-ASIC engagement (see news item 22/12/2020)

Letter to Insurance Council of Australia regarding no-action position (PDF 134 KB) (see news item 14/1/2021)

REP 685 ASIC’s regtech initiatives 2019–20 (20/1/2021)

Conversation with ASIC: AFIA Risk Summit (speech 16/2/2021)

Regulation for recovery: when pilots become enduring practice (speech 10/3/2021)

Financial scams double in 2021: reporting up more than 200% (news item 12/3/2021)

Review of how superannuation trustees supported their members during COVID-19 (news article 22/3/2021)

ASIC sets expectations of life and general insurers following a review of insurers’ responses to consumers experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic (news item 22/4/2021)

REP 690 ASIC quarterly update January to March 2021 (see 21-095MR 6/5/2021)

Senate Economics Legislation Committee - Opening statement (speech 2/6/2021)

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services - Opening statement (speech 18/6/2021)

Chair Joe Longo outlines agenda (article 30/7/2021)

REP 697 ASIC quarterly update April to June 2021 (see 21-201MR 3/8/2021)

21-205MR ASIC reviews the first round of super fund annual members’ meetings (6/8/2021)

21-213MR ASIC’s approach to new laws reforming financial services sector (12/8/2021)

REP 716 Cyber resilience of firms in Australia’s financial markets: 2020–21 (see 21-331MR 6/12/2021)

ASIC enforcement outcomes


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