Regulatory developments timetable

This timetable outlines proposed timeframes for ASIC regulatory work, such as the publication of draft or final guidance, or anticipated making of a legislative instrument. The timetable generally excludes review and surveillance activities, and enforcement activities. The timetable is published every six months. The document is a point in time summary and is not updated once published.

This document reflects ASIC's best estimation as at the date of publication. These are subject to change and care should be taken in relying on these dates for planning purposes.

As of 15 February 2023

Initiative  Indicative Timing Description Related info/document  Expected action Status Comments Sector Label
Publication of report on expectations and good practices for whistleblower programs 1/1/2023     Report   General  
Implementation of ASIC’s Indigenous Financial Services Framework 1/1/2023     Published framework   General  
Updates to Regulatory Guide 78: Breach reporting by AFS licensees and credit licensees 1/4/2023 Minor updates to provide supplementary guidance and improve clarity around requirements   Updated regulatory guide   General  
New licensing portal for Australian financial services and credit licensees, auditors and liquidators 1/7/2023     New portal and revised guidance   General  
Updated regulatory guides, new legislative instruments, and a report following Consultation Paper 365 Remaking ASIC class orders on takeovers, compulsory acquisitions and relevant interests 1/1/2023     Updated regulatory guide and new legislative instruments   Corporate finance  
Publication of report on submissions received in response to Consultation Paper 364 - Modifications to the ESS regime and explaining our approach on appropriate relief in relation to Div 1A of Pt 7.12 of the Corporations Act 2001, following making of a legislative instrument that facilitates employee share schemes. 1/1/2023     Publication of report on submissions   Corporate finance  

Information sheets:  Registration of relevant providers - general information about the new requirement that all relevant providers (person who is authorised to provide personal advice to retail clients on relevant financial products) be registered with ASIC by 1 July 2023

1/1/2023     New information sheet   Financial advisers  
Information sheet: Registration of relevant providers - guidance on making declarations required by s921ZA and 921ZB when registering a relevant provider 1/1/2023     Information sheet   Financial advisers  
Update of Regulatory Guide 22 Directors’ statement as to solvency - Updating outdated references in guidance on directors' solvency statements 1/1/2023     Updated regulatory guide   Financial reporting and audit  
Consultation paper on repeal of sunsetting Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) Auditor Competency Standards instrument 1/1/2023 To consult on the repeal of ASIC Class Order CO 12/1687  Competency standards for approved SMSD auditors   Consultation paper   Financial reporting and audit  
Update to Information Sheet 224 ASIC Audit Inspections - to address severity of ASIC audit inspection findings from 30 June 2023. 1/1/2023         Financial reporting and audit  
Update of financial reporting and audit class orders for Corporate collective investment vehicles (CCIVs) 1/1/2023 To inform the market on changes to class orders relevant to CCIVs and corporate directors   Updated class orders   Financial reporting and audit  
Discussion paper on insurance recurrent data collection 1/1/2023     Discussion paper   Insurance  
Updated guidance and website to complete implementation of regulation of litigation funding schemes 1/1/2023     Amendments to ASIC guidance and website   Investment managers  
Market Integrity Rules come into affect on 10 March 2023, aimed at promoting the technological and operational resilience of securities and futures market operators and participants on 10 March 2023 1/1/2023     Implementation following making of rules   Market infrastructure and intermediaries  
Updated Regulatory Guide 251 Derivative Transaction Reporting and Regulatory Guide 249 Derivative trade repositories following the updates made in December 2022 to the ASIC Derivatives Transaction Rules (Reporting) to harmonise Australian Trade Reporting rules to align the OTC Derivatives trade reporting requirements in Australia with international approaches 1/1/2023     Updated regulatory guides   Market infrastructure and intermediaries  
Proposed amendments to the ASIC Derivative Transaction Rules (Clearing) 2015 to remove and replace products referencing USD LIBOR 1/1/2023     Consultation paper   Market infrastructure and intermediaries  
Publish a consultation paper on outstanding matters relating to ASIC Derivatives Transaction Rules (Reporting) not updated in December 2022 1/4/2023     Consultation paper   Market infrastructure and intermediaries  
Publish a consultation paper on ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Futures Markets) 2017 with proposals to include rules on automated order processing and amend Rule 2.2.1 relating to aggregate loss limits 1/7/2023 ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Futures Markets) Class Waiver 2018/313 expires 22 March 2024   Consultation paper   Market infrastructure and intermediaries  
Provide an additional user guide for annual administration return form (5602) in response to commonly asked questions 1/1/2023     Final user guide   Registered liquidators  
Consultation on proposed changes to Regulatory Guide 258 Registered liquidators: Registration, disciplinary actions and insurance requirements - particularly regarding initial registration and ongoing obligations 1/1/2023     Consultation   Registered liquidators  
Consultation on Regulatory Guide 217 Duty to prevent insolvent trading: Guide for directors - revisions responding to recommendations in the Review of the Insolvent Trading Safe Harbour – Final Report 1/4/2023     Consultation   Registered liquidators  
Revised guidance in Regulatory Guide 16 External administrators – Reporting and lodging 1/4/2023     Revised guidance   Registered liquidators  
Revised guidance in Regulatory Guide 242 ASIC’s power to wind up abandoned companies – revisions to include the proposed winding up on public interest grounds 1/4/2023     Revised guidance   Registered liquidators  
Publish new regulatory guide – ASIC's power to appoint reviewing liquidators 1/7/2023     Guidance   Registered liquidators  
Publish new regulatory guide – Requesting eligible applicant authorisation 1/7/2023     Guidance   Registered liquidators  
New information sheet - Superannuation Trustee Transparency and Disclosure Obligations 1/1/2023     Information sheet   Superannuation  

Note: Subject to the passage of legislation, ASIC will provide guidance on: 

  • the implementation of the Financial Accountability Regime, which will be administered jointly with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 
  • the Compensation Scheme of Last Resort 
  • Reference Checking and Information Sharing Protocol for financial advisers and mortgage brokers (Update of Information Sheet 257). 


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