NZAU Connect app

The NZAU Connect app is a joint initiative of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO). The app brings together:

  • 2.6 million records from ASIC's companies register 
  • 600,000 records from the NZCO's companies register, and 
  • 2.3 million records included on the Australian National Business Names Register

Through NZAUConnect, you can use your device to check a business' registration status, registration number and principal place of business.

NZAUConnect also allows you to save your most common searches, and share search results by email.

Learn more about NZAUConnect (YouTube video) (Transcript; RTF, 61k).

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Benefits of the NZAUConnect app

NZAUConnect is part of ASIC's ongoing commitment to make it easier for customers to find information.

Simple interface

  • You don't need to sign up or create an account
  • Create 'favourites' for frequent searches

Puts you in control

  • Simultaneous searching of both the Australian and New Zealand registers
  • Mobile searching means you can get information quickly and easily

Free access to

  • Name of the entity
  • Type and status of the entity
  • Date of registration
  • Address details for the entity

Using NZAUConnect on your smartphone or mobile device

When you open the app, you'll immediately see the 'Search' screen, which allows you to search for an organisation by name or company number. By default, NZAUConnect will search both the Australian and New Zealand registers, but you can restrict your search.

You can also find helpful tips and more information on using NZAUConnect by tapping the small blue question mark that appears in the top right-hand corner.

What is an ASIC key?

Your ASIC key is a unique number used in ASIC Connect that helps us establish your identity and protects your business information by making sure only you and those you have authorised can access it.

Learn more about ASIC keys

What is a corporate key?

A corporate key is an 8-digit number uniquely associated with a company’s ACN. Your company needs only one corporate key.

Learn more about corporate keys

What is an invitation key?

An invitation key is a unique key to register for, or connect to an entity in, the ASIC Regulatory Portal.

Learn more about invitation keys 

What is an industry funding security key?

Your industry funding security key is a unique number used to launch an online transaction in the ASIC Regulatory Portal that will enable us to calculate your final industry funding invoice. You will be prompted to submit business activity metric information on the operation of your business in the previous financial year.

Learn more about industry funding security keys

Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:28