RG 180 Auditor registration

Issued 30 June 2016

This is a guide for auditors and prospective auditors who wish to audit companies and other entities under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act).

This guide explains what an applicant must do when applying for registration as a registered company auditor (RCA) or as an authorised audit company (AAC), and how we may exercise our power to approve an auditing competency standard, which may be relied on by individual applicants for registration.

This guide also covers the lodgement of annual statements by RCAs and AACs.

Download RG 180 (PDF 637 KB)

Download 2016 competency standard (PDF 757 KB) 

Regulatory Guide 180 Auditor registration: Appendix 1 documents

The following documents are Word versions of documents reproduced in Appendix 1 of RG 180.

Document A: Practical auditing and other equivalent experience

Download Document A (Word)

Document B: Supervisor declaration

Download Document B (Word)

Document C: Capability report

Download Document C (Word)

Document D: Capability declaration

Download Document D (Word)

Document E: Auditor competencies logbook

Download Document E (Word)

Registration checklists

These checklists will help ensure you have provided all relevant documentation when you apply for registration as an authorised audit company or an auditor.

Download the authorised audit company registration checklist (PDF 108 KB)

Download the auditor registration checklist (PDF 190 KB)

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