Hawking and advertising

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21-257MR ASIC publishes guidance on hawking reforms (September 2021)

RG 38 The hawking prohibitions

REP 701 Response to submissions on CP 346 The hawking prohibition: Update to RG 38 (see 21-181MR)

ASIC Corporations (Amendment and Repeal) Instrument 2021/799

Related information

21-213MR ASIC’s approach to new laws reforming financial services sector

ASIC Corporations (Securities and Managed Investment Scheme Hawking Relief) Instrument 2017/184 (repealed 5/10/2021)

ASIC Corporations (Hawking—Life Risk Insurance and Consumer Credit Insurance) Instrument 2019/839 (see also 19-335MR; REP 640; 19-188MR; and CP 317 and submissions) (repealed 5/10/2021)


RG 234 Advertising financial products and advice services (including credit): Good practice

RG 53 The use of past performance in promotional material

RG 129 Business introduction or matching services

RG 141 Offers of securities on the Internet

RG 156 Advertising of debentures and notes to retail investors

ASIC Corporations (Foreign Securities – Incidental Advertising) Instrument 2015/360

ASIC Corporations (Advertising by Product Issuers) Instrument 2015/539

ASIC Corporations (Market Research and Roadshows) Instrument 2016/79

ASIC Corporations (Factoring Arrangements) Instrument 2017/794

ASIC Corporations (Describing Debentures – Secured Notes) Instrument 2022/61 (see 22-068MR, CP 344, 21-156MR and [SCO 12/1482])

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