Diversity at ASIC

Our vision

ASIC aims to provide a workplace and services that all Australians can access and where all people are treated with fairness and respect.

ASIC’s Code of Conduct is the foundation of our inclusive and diverse workplace.

It is supported by a range of diversity and inclusion initiatives, ASIC’s service charter and ASIC’s Values – Accountability, Professionalism, and Teamwork.

ASIC’s diversity and inclusion plan supports a workforce that better reflects the communities we serve. It improves the way we make decisions, innovate and solve problems.

To help achieve this, we have developed action plans. These plans include:

These plans are built on three pillars:

Our people

We aim to attract, develop and engage a diverse workforce. We advance a culture that ensures all our people can reach their full potential. Current opportunities are published on the Careers at ASIC website.

Our stakeholders

We work to ensure that ASIC’s resources are accessible and serve their purpose for all stakeholders. We work to address barriers that may prevent stakeholders from accessing and participating fully in ASIC’s services.

Our communities

We want to engage and communicate with communities from every background. ASIC is strengthened by a welcoming and inclusive culture which respects and values the diversity of our team members, our customers and stakeholders, as well as the communities we serve.

Diversity And Inclusion At Asic

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