Applying for auditor or authorised audit company registration

This section outlines how to register as an individual or authorised audit company.

Before you start your application

Before you start, you should read our Regulatory Guide 180 Auditor registration (RG 180).

RG 180 includes:

  • Section B Registering as a registered company auditor
  • Section C Registering as an authorised audit company

These explain what information you will need to give ASIC for registration, what documentary proof you'll need to support your application and the application process. They also tell you about the conditions we may impose on your registration.

You can download the sample documents listed in Appendix 1 of Regulatory Guide 180 in Word format. See Tips for applying for auditor registration.

You should also download and read the relevant Pro Forma conditions:

ASIC's online services

When you use the online service to apply for registration, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions in our Electronic Lodgement Protocol.

If you haven't used this service before, you may find it helpful to read ASIC's online services how they work.

Our technical FAQs explain how you can make changes to your browser settings to help with your application.

When you apply online, the online application will tell you the options and steps to take to pay the required fee. The fee is set out in Information Sheet 30 Fees for commonly lodged documents (INFO 30).

If you experience any systems problems when completing your application online, contact us on 1300 300 630 or contacting us online.


Read about your privacy rights when using our online systems.


The auditor registration application opens a secure session in a new browser window. Your application will be protected by industry-standard encryption. Depending upon your browser setting, you may receive browser messages about ASIC's web server identity.

Where to send your application and documents

You must lodge supporting documentation simultaneously with the submission of the electronic application for registration. Relevant document templates are accessible on the Tips for applying for auditor registration. You must prepare these documents and all required supporting information prior to submitting the electronic application.

Scan and send a copy of your signed application and all required supporting documents to Ensure the size of each email does not exceed 10Mb. You may send multiple emails to meet size constraints. Include the applicant name in the title of the email.

Applicants for registration as an authorised audit company must send signed copies of the PF217 Deed: authorised audit company run-off insurance cover from each director to:

Auditor Registration team
PO Box 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre Vic 3841

Please make reference to having posted the completed Deeds within the email containing the other required supporting documents.

You must ensure that you provide a complete application by submitting all required documentation simultaneously with the lodgement of the electronic application. We will return any application that is incomplete. You will then need to re-apply after you have rectified all deficiencies.

Other information


If you do not meet all the requirements of s1280, we may refuse to register you, after giving you the opportunity to attend a hearing. If your registration is refused we will provide reasons for refusal.

What if you can't apply online

You can complete and send in a paper form. To do this, either:

Send your application, cheque for the payment fee (if not paid by Bpay) and required documents to:

Auditor Registration team
PO Box 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre Vic 3841

How we assess your application - Registered Company Auditor

You must demonstrate that you have appropriate qualifications and skills, are capable, and fit and proper for ASIC to register you as an auditor.

Pathways for application for registration

There are various pathways available to you for applying for registration, depending upon your individual circumstances. These pathways are set out in Regulatory Guide 180 Auditor registration (RG 180).

How we assess your application - Authorised Audit Company

To be eligible for registration, as an authorised audit company, you must demonstrate that your company meets requirements covering ownership and control of the company, professional indemnity insurance, fit and proper directors and external administration.

Start an application for registration as an auditor or authorised audit company

Resume an unfinished application for registration as an auditor or authorised audit company

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