Registered liquidators - Updating your details with ASIC

You must notify ASIC of any changes to your name, practice details and addresses (including email address). These changes will need to be made across a number of ASIC registers and portals.

ASIC Portals

ASIC has various portals for you to select depending on the information you need to update. Below are the different portals available noting when each one is appropriate.

Table 1: How to notify ASIC





Update the professional register

Lodge Form 905A Notification of change to details of a liquidator and Form 905AB Changes in address details (only) and email of a registered liquidator


Update the company register

Lodge Form 506 Notification of change of address of an external administrator to update your details to the new firm.


Update the liquidators' portal

Log into the liquidators' portal to update 'contact details'.


Update the regulatory portal

Log into the ASIC Regulatory Portal to update 'my details'.


Update the published notices website

Create a new account on the Published Notices website and email to request an upgrade to 'registered liquidator status'.

The addresses for you that appear for your external administrations and controllerships on the company register must match your principal and other places of practice on the professional register of liquidators.

After leaving a firm and starting at a new firm, you may finish appointments at the previous firm as long as you can properly supervise the appointments. The company register can show different addresses for each external administration, as long as the professional register shows your current ‘principal place of practice’, and your previous firm as an ‘other place of practice’.

Updating the professional register of liquidators

ASIC must maintain a register of liquidators (see section 15-1(1) of Schedule 2) and registered liquidators. You must notify ASIC within 10 business days if you cease to practice – or if you change your name, firm or practice name, and/or address (see section 35-5(1)(b) of Schedule 2 and Rule 35-1 of the Practice Rules).

You can do this electronically through the liquidators' portal or by lodging the relevant form.

Table 2: How to change or update your liquidator registration details

To change or update your:

you need to lodge:


Form 905A Notification of change to details of a liquidator

Firm or practice name

Form 905A Notification of change to details of a liquidator


Form 905AB Changes in address details (only) and email of a registered liquidator

Email address

Form 905AB Changes in address details (only) and email of a registered liquidator

If you have been disqualified from managing corporations, you will need to lodge Form RL30 Notice of significant events involving a liquidator.

Updating the company register

Liquidators and controllers must notify us within 14 calendar days after a change in place(s) of practice using Form 506 Notification of change of address of an external administrator or controller or scheme administrator (see sections 537(1)) and 427(3).

You can use the liquidators' portal to electronically lodge a Form 506 to update multiples of 50 appointments linked to your registration number with one form lodgement. If you have more than 50 appointments, you will need to complete multiple forms to update the address.

A separate Form 506 must be lodged for each appointment when lodging in paper.

Updating the liquidators' portal

You can use the liquidators' portal to electronically lodge forms on the:

  • professional register – to maintain your registration, such as Form 908 Annual liquidator return and triennial Form RL05 Application for renewal of registration by a liquidator and
  • company register - the majority of forms in an external administration or controller appointment.

Note: Regulatory forms (such as reports under s533 of the Act or Regulation 5.5.05 and applications for assetless administration funding) are lodged through the regulatory portal.

Update email address on the liquidators' portal

You can update your email address by:

  1. selecting 'update contact details' on the liquidators' portal
  2. calling 1300 300 630
  3. using the Ask a question function on the website.

Access granted to your registered liquidators' portal

If you have changed firms you should review your liquidators' portal access permissions. To find out who has access to your account, use the Ask a question function on the website.

You will need to indicate that your question is about a 'Liquidator' and that you would like to know how to 'Maintain information'. After you have provided your registered liquidator name and number, you will be emailed a list of current usernames and account holder names on ASIC’s ebusiness accounts. Please note that only the registered liquidator can request information on their account.

Updating the regulatory portal

You can use the regulatory portal to check and submit industry funding metrics (IFM) during the submission period, and lodge regulatory transactions such as initial statutory reports, supplementary reports and applications for liquidator assistance or assetless administration funding.

Update email on the regulatory portal

To update the email address in the ASIC Regulatory Portal you will need to click on your initials in the top right-hand corner and select ‘My details’ and ‘Edit my details’. You can then update your existing ‘Email address (Username)’ with your new email address.

A confirmation email will be sent to your new email address asking you to verify the new address.

If you cannot remember your password and need to update your email address, you will need to email from your new email (as we cannot authorise changes for anyone other than the account holder). In the email, please provide:

  • the existing email address on your account
  • the new email address for your account
  • a brief explanation of why you are unable to make the change in the portal account

Updating the Published Notices Website (PNW)

Unless you retain and use the same email address, you will need to create a new registered user account with a new login and password.

Once the new account is created, email to request your new account to be upgraded to 'registered liquidator status'.

We will include information from your old and new accounts when calculating your IFM variable metrics.

Broadcast emails and ASIC Corporate Insolvency Update

We send broadcast emails and newsletters to the email recorded on the professional register. Others can subscribe to the ASIC Corporate Insolvency Update.

What's new

Insolvency reforms commence on 1 January 2021

Reforms to corporate insolvency laws commence on 1 January 2021 for companies with liabilities less than $1 million.  These reforms include:

-a new debt restructuring process for incorporated businesses

-a new, simplified liquidation pathway for small businesses, and

-a new class of registered liquidator who can only undertake the debt restructuring process.

Corporations Amendment (Corporate Insolvency Reforms) Act 2020

Corporations Amendment (Corporate Insolvency Reforms) Regulations 2020

Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations) Amendment (Corporate Insolvency Reforms) Rules 2020


Industry funding

The Government has introduced new laws that change the way ASIC is funded. Regulated entities will receive an invoice for ASIC’s regulatory services delivered in the prior year. Find out what this means for registered liquidators.



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