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The ASIC Corporate Insolvency Update is a quarterly newsletter about regulatory developments and issues affecting corporate insolvency markets.

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Email support and contact details for ASIC team members for each state.

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Legal notification

Note: The RL Legal email is for notification of court proceedings required to be served on ASIC under the court rules and eligible applicant requests only.
External Administration Compliance Assistance: Report on Company Activities and Property, books and records – Request Assistance for External Administration
IFM (General)
IFM metrics for RLs
ASIC as a creditor
Comments/feedback on this newsletter
Request for publicly available data (for a fee)
Assetless Administration Fund
Creditor-defeating disposition applications
Stopping deregistration
Registered liquidator queries (matters other than specified above)

Team contacts

Team Contact details
Victoria & Tasmania Nisansala Peries (Accountant)
Direct: (03) 9280 4149
New South Wales, ACT & Queensland Carl Sibilia (Snr Manager)
Direct: (02) 9911 2994
Western Australia Alan Ashford (Snr Specialist)
Direct: (08) 9261 4195
South Australia & NT Hywel Thomas (Snr Accountant)
Direct: (08) 8202 8573  
Assetless Administration Funding (for 'Matters other than Director Banning' and 'Asset Recovery') David Rose (Snr Manager)
Direct (03) 9280 3291
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