How to complain

About companies, organisations or people

This page will help you find out who to contact for information or assistance, and whether you should lodge a complaint about a company, organisation or person with another agency or report your concerns to ASIC.

Watch our video on Tip-offs, information of concern, and reports of misconduct.

Or read the transcript.

Listen to our podcast of Warren Day, Executive Director, Assessment and Intelligence talking about what happens when you make a report of alleged misconduct or a complaint to ASIC.


Expand the category below that best suits the area of your complaint.

My complaint is about:

Competition and fair trading (e.g. prices, advertising, product safety)

Contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for complaints about:

  • prices
  • competition
  • pyramid selling
  • consumer guarantees
  • product safety
  • franchises
  • advertising
  • debt collection in relation to non-financial services (i.e. phone and utility bills or bills for professional or trades services).

You can also contact consumer affairs in your state or territory.


To encourage whistleblowers to come forward with their concerns and protect them when they do, the law provides company employees and officers with rights and protections as whistleblowers. Find out more about the whistleblower protection regime with this simple guide.

Read about whistleblower protections

Complaints about ASIC

To complain about our services, actions, decisions or our staff:

Complaints about ASIC

ASIC online services

If you are experiencing difficulties using our online services (including business names, searches, paying fees and other issues) you can report a service difficulty.

For all other general inquires and questions ask us a question online.


Guidance for company officers and company auditors on the whistleblower protection regime

30 June 2020

Information sheets to help companies, company officers and company auditors understand and comply with their whistleblower protection obligations

Whistleblower protections

Answers to common questions on the rights and protections for whistleblowers

Business ethics: New challenges, better theories, practical solutions
A speech by ASIC Commissioner John Price, 9 December 2019. John discusses the important role whistleblowing can play in fostering an ethical culture for business.

ASIC gives guidance on companies’ whistleblower policies and relief to small not-for-profits
Media release 19-308MR. 13 November 2019

Whistleblower protections for not-for-profit organisations, 29 May 2019


Whistleblowers and the Corporations Act

Corporations Act Whistleblowing

ASIC Executive Director Warren Day talks about whistleblowers and the important role they play in identifying and calling out misconduct and harm to consumers and the community.

Read the transcript

ASIC and whistleblowers

Asic Whistleblower Thmb

ASIC Executive Director Warren Day discusses when ASIC will act on whistleblowing information.

Read the transcript

Fair Work Ombudsman

You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman if you would like to report someone who isn't complying with workplace laws or you need help in resolving a workplace issue.

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