Complaints about our decisions about fee waivers

Applying for a fee waiver

To apply for a late fee waiver, complete a fee waiver application online.

Reviewing a fee waiver decision

If you are not satisfied with a fee waiver decision ASIC has made, you can request a review of our decision by submitting a further fee waiver application, together with any additional information or evidence to support your application.

We will only accept a complaint about a fee waiver decision after we have completed a review.

What do these complaints relate to?

These complaints relate to ASIC’s decisions about fee waivers.

We collect a range of fees from companies and other entities on behalf of the Australian government. We cannot waive annual review fees, document lodgement fees and most other fees levied under the law.

However, in limited cases, we can waive late fees.

We will only consider waiving a late fee if we are satisfied that the reasons leading to the late fee being levied were beyond the control of:

  • all the officers of the company, and
  • any representatives (including agents).

In the 2014-2015 financial year we received 21 952 requests for late fee waivers. Of those, we granted 13 348. The most common reasons for which we grant fee waivers include:

  • illness, accident, death of a officeholder or rep
  • ASIC error or delay
  • other reasons outside of your control see Information Sheet 87 Fee waivers (INFO 87).

How does ASIC handle these complaints?

If we receive a complaint about a fee waiver decision, and we have previously completed a review of this decision at your request, an independent team within ASIC will review your complaint.


We aim to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three days of receiving it, and finalise it within 28 days.

What are the possible outcomes of such a complaint?

If you are unhappy with the outcome of our review of your complaint you have the right to complain to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Lodge your complaint on our online form

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  • See Information Sheet 87 Fee waivers (INFO 87)

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