Statements of expectations and intent

Government’s Statement of Expectations

The Government issued a Statement of Expectations to ASIC in April 2018. 

This statement forms part of the Government’s response to the 2014 Financial System Inquiry and outlines the Government’s current expectations about the role and responsibilities of ASIC, its relationship with the Government, issues of transparency and accountability, and operational matters.

Read the Government’s Statement of Expectations 

ASIC’s Statement of Intent

ASIC responded to the Government’s Statement of Expectations with a Statement of Intent.

The Statement of Intent outlines ASIC’s high-level priorities and intentions around our role, responsibilities and relationship with the Government.

Read ASIC’s Statement of Intent

Previous Statements of Expectations and Intent

In April 2014, the Government issued a Statement of Expectations to ASIC. ASIC issued its Statement of Intent in July 2014. These were published together on 8 August 2014. These have now been superseded by the 2018 versions.

In February 2007 the Government issued its first Statement of Expectations to ASIC, and requested a Statement of Intent in response. ASIC issued its Statement of Intent in June 2007. The Statements were released by the Australian Government on 13 August 2007. These were superseded in 2014.

ASIC industry funding

Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2019-20

12 June 2020

A consultation version of the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2019-20 (CRIS)  has been released.

Read the draft CRIS

Industry funding: what you need to know

Video Thumb Industry Funding What You Need To Know

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