Stakeholder surveys

2013 stakeholder survey

ASIC released the ASIC stakeholder survey 2013 report from Susan Bell Research.

The survey measured stakeholders’ perceptions of the environment in which ASIC operates and ASIC’s performance against its three strategic priorities:

  • confident and informed investors and financial consumers
  • fair and efficient markets, and
  • efficient registration and licensing.

ASIC stakeholder survey 2013 - including response from ASIC to findings (PDF 1.34MB)

2010 stakeholder survey

ASIC has released the findings of Allen Consulting Group’s ASIC Stakeholder Survey 2010 on ASIC’s performance during the global financial crisis (GFC).

The survey 2010 was held between 8 September and 7 October 2010 and 1551 responses were received.

The GFC has tested financial markets and regulators and the survey found that stakeholders view ASIC to have performed well during the global financial crisis with respondents generally positive about the outcomes of ASIC’s work.

There is recognition that ASIC has deepened its understanding of the markets it regulates and improved expertise and knowledge.

Overall, stakeholders recognise the steps ASIC has taken to move to a more outward-looking, market orientated approach and that this work needed to continue. There was endorsement of ASIC’s current statement of priorities.

Report on the 2010 stakeholder survey (PDF)

2008 stakeholder survey

In early 2008 we conducted a strategic review of our operations that drew on the views of 1250 respondents to a stakeholder survey to identify what ASIC did well and where we needed to improve.

Conducted by the Allen Consulting Group, stakeholder responses were collected through three separate surveys of businesses, consumers and ASIC staff.

Report on the 2008 stakeholder survey (PDF)

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