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Warning: Qantas bonds investment opportunity a scam


3 June 2021

  • ASIC is alerting investors about fake Qantas Airways Limited (Qantas) corporate bonds
  • Scammers are promoting Qantas bonds offered by Equity Trustees Limited on the ASX in an attempt to legitimise the existence of the fake bonds
  • If you are offered a financial investment, do your own independent research, including appropriate online searches, before investing and ensure you are depositing money into a bank account which matches the entity you are investing with

STOP! Don’t invest!

ASIC is aware that Australians have been directly offered fake Qantas corporate bonds with interest rates of 7.75% per annum. The investment offer is fake. 

Scammers are using the legitimate Qantas bonds listed on the ASX which have a coupon rate of 7.75%, by Equity Trustees Limited as a point of reference. Rather than offering a 7.75% per annum coupon rate, the scam offers this same per annum rate as the interest rate. 

Equity Trustees Limited have confirmed that these fake bonds are in no way connected with the legitimate ASX-listed bonds they offer.

Qantas has confirmed that although it has issued corporate bonds, they are not available to the public. Therefore, any invitation to purchase Qantas bonds directly via email or telephone is a scam.  

Investment scams: What to look for

ASIC has published a number of articles on its Moneysmart website in relation to investment scams and what to look out for. Links to these articles, and previous warnings regarding other fictitious bonds, can be found below.

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