CP 211 Facilitating electronic offers of securities: Update to RG 107

Released 17 June 2013. Comments closed 12 August 2013.

This consultation paper sets out ASIC’s proposals for updating our guidance in Regulatory Guide 107 Electronic prospectuses (RG 107) to facilitate the use of the internet and other electronic means to make offers of securities under Ch 6D of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act).

It seeks the views of retail investors, persons offering securities, and distributors and publishers, on our proposals on the distribution of disclosure documents and application forms for offers of securities using the internet and other electronic means.

This paper attaches a draft updated version of RG 107 (draft updated RG 107), renamed Fundraising: Facilitating electronic offers of securities,which incorporates our guidance in Regulatory Guide 150 Electronic applications and dealer personalised applications (RG 150), and seeks feedback on our proposed guidance.

Download CP 211 (PDF 266 KB) | Read the media release

- Attachment to CP 211: Draft RG 107 (PDF 313 KB)

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1 Australian Financial Markets Association (PDF 137 KB)
2 Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc (PDF 66 KB)
3 Law Council of Australia (PDF 331 KB)
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