Major challenges in financial regulation at the end of the decade

An address by Alan Cameron, AM, Chairman of ASIC to the Monash Law School Foundation Lecture, Melbourne, 6 May 1999.


It is now just over 5 years since I was privileged to present the Monash Law School Foundation lecture on 12 April 1994. I observed at that time that all of my predecessors among the Foundation lecturers were men, and I am therefore pleased to observe that that gender imbalance has long since been appropriately redressed.

I thought therefore tonight, that it might be appropriate to look again at what I had said 5 years ago, in what I believe was this very room, and then to highlight some of the issues which are major issues in 1999, but some of which were not on the agenda back in 1994, and indeed, may not have been in anybody's serious contemplation.

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