CP 145 Australian equity market structure - Proposals

Release 4 November 2010. Comments closed 21 January 2011.

This consultation paper is in three parts:

  • Part 1 outlines how we consider the Australian secondary market for cash equities is evolving, including the likely impact of competing exchange markets;
  • Part 2 proposes market integrity rules to address some of the regulatory issues resulting from market developments. We consider these proposals are necessary irrespective of whether there are competing exchange markets. However, competition will give them greater impetus; and
  • Part 3 proposes market integrity rules to address the additional regulatory issues resulting from the introduction of competition.

Further background on equity market structure and how it is changing domestically and globally is in our separate report on Australian equity market structure (REP 215).

Draft market integrity rules reflecting the proposals are in a separate document, Australian equity market structure: Draft market integrity rules.

Download the paper (PDF) | Read the media release | View the report on submissions | View market integrity rules

Submission from
1 Asian Association of Independent Research Providers
2 ASX Limited
3 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
4 Australian Financial Markets Association
5 Australian Financial Services & Securities Dealers Association
6 Bloomberg
7 Capital Markets CRC Ltd
8 Chi-X Australia Pty Limited
9 Craig Benson
10 Endace Technology Limited
11 Eugene Clark
12 Financial Services Council
13 Financial Services Institute of Australasia
14 Getco Asia Pte Ltd
15 IMC Financial Markets
16 Instinet Australia Pty Ltd
17 Liquidnet Australia Pty Ltd
18 National Measurement Institute
19 National Stock Exchange of Australia Limited
20 Sirca Limited
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