Apply for a no-action letter

This transaction is for an entity or person to apply for a no-action letter from ASIC. A no-action letter states that we do not intend to take regulatory action over a particular state of affairs or particular conduct. In the transaction we will ask you to:

  • provide details of all entities (including a natural person) applying for a no-action letter
  • provide details of any third parties whose interests would be adversely affected by the granting of a no-action letter
  • indicate the market sensitivity of the application
  • indicate the urgency of the application
  • indicate the regulatory subject area of your application (substantive matter) you can add multiple subject areas
  • indicate the regulatory issue(s) the application relates to.

Shown below are some of the questions and some of the functionality you can expect from this transaction in the portal. This overview does not show every aspect of the transaction.

You will be asked to select what the application primarily relates to from a pick list.

Noaction 1

Similarly, you will also select the regulatory issue the application relates from a pick list.

Noaction 2

There are questions that relate to whether your application has addressed the factors in Table 1 of Regulatory Guide 108 No-action letters (RG 108).

Noaction 3

Noaction 4

Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:23