Regulator Performance Framework

The Government introduced the Regulator Performance Framework (Framework) to provide common performance measures to assess how Australian Government regulators operate. The Framework is designed to assess only one aspect of a regulator's performance—the extent to which it minimises regulatory burden in the course of fulfilling its other activities. It should be seen as only one component of the broader performance of regulators.

There are six mandated common outcomes-based key performance indicators (KPIs) that cover reducing regulatory burden, communication, risk-based and proportionate approaches to regulation, efficient and coordinated monitoring, transparency, and continuous improvement of regulatory frameworks.

ASIC self-assessment

We report our self-assessment against the Framework and our evidence metrics annually.

Evidence metrics

The Framework provides measures that set out what good regulatory performance looks like for each KPI. We have developed evidence metrics to assess our performance against each KPI in consultation with stakeholders.

October 2017 evidence metrics

Following the publication of our first self-assessment against the Framework in 2015–16, we identified some ways we could improve our metrics. It had become apparent that some of our metrics had become outdated as business processes changed over time.

July 2015 evidence metrics




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Last updated: 26/05/2022 04:11