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Small businesses are a key driver of the Australian economy.

If you operate or are planning to operate a small business as a registered company or under a registered business name, ASIC has published a booklet that provides handy information on running a small business in Australia.

ASIC aims to provide a workplace and services that all Australians can access and where all people are treated with fairness and respect. Read more about diversity at ASIC.

We acknowledge that many business owners in Australia speak a first language other than English.

To help non-English speaking business owners, ASIC has made this booklet available in other languages including Arabic, Simplified Chinese or Vietnamese.

ASIC Senior Executive Leader for Small Business Engagement and Compliance Diana Steicke said, 'ASIC is committed to meeting the needs of small business operators, regardless of culture and language. We facilitate and encourage equity, and ASIC will continue to make information accessible for all Australians.'

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ASIC’s Moneysmart website also provides useful information about small businesses and money management in up to 20 different languages. See below for links.

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