How to update a time-share adviser

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You will need to use ASIC Connect to update time-share adviser details. 

You can make up to 25 updates per transaction. 

Further assistance about using ASIC Connect can be accessed via the Help button at the top right-hand side of the screen. 

If you're unable to select the next button, please ensure you have provided all mandatory information on the screen.

Visit our support page for more user guides about ASIC Connect transactions. 

Get started

To get started, visit the ASIC website at

  • Click on the blue ASIC Connect box. This will take you to ASIC Connect.

Log in

Go to ASIC Connect and select 'Log in'. 

  • If you do not have an ASIC Connect account, select 'Sign up'.

Log in using your email address and password. 


Once you have logged in, the home screen will be visible. 

  • Select 'Lodgements & Notifications' to update authorised representative details. 

Update time-share adviser details

Select the radio button next to the AFS licensee or AFS representative whose financial adviser details you want to update. 

  • In the transactions column, select Maintain Representatives / Authorised Representatives. This is the name of the transaction you use to update time-share adviser details. 

  • Select 'Go' to proceed. 

Select who appointed the representative you are updating in this transaction. If the authorised representative of the AFS licensee appointed the representative, you must provide their representative number. 

  • Select 'Next' to continue. 

Enter the representative number of the time-share adviser you would like to update details for. 

  • You can use the link provided to search for the representative number. 

  • Select 'Next' to continue. 

Tick the box/es next to the changes you would like to make. You can select to change name or ABN, but not both. If an ABN is being added, we will automatically update the authorised representative's name to match the ABN entity name. 

  • Enter the date the change took place. The same date is applied for all changes in this transaction. 

Select 'Next' to continue. 

Update address, email address or phone number

Select 'Edit' to change the principal place of business, email address or phone number.

When all details have been updated correctly, select 'Next' to continue.

Update authorisations

  • Check the boxes next to the financial products the adviser is authorised to provide advice on to retail clients.

  • Uncheck the boxes if the adviser is no longer authorised to provide advice to retail clients for a financial product.

  • Enter any changes to further restrictions the adviser is authorised to provide.

Select 'Next' to continue.

Update professional memberships

Select '+Add' to add the professional associations membership details. 

  • Select the professional body name from the drop-down box. 

  • Select 'Save' to save the professional body selected. You can add a maximum of five professional memberships. 

When all professional memberships have been added, select 'Next' to continue. 

Update qualifications and training

Select '+Add' to add the qualification or training course information. 

  • Enter the name of course, provider/institution and year obtained for the qualification or training course into the relevant field provided.  

  • Select 'Save' to save the qualification and training course entered. You can add a maximum of five qualifications and training courses. 

When all qualifications and training courses have been added, select 'Next' to continue. 

Notify of a breach of continuing professional development requirements

Continuing professional development only applies to financial adviser appointments.

Select 'Next' to continue.


heck that the information you have entered is correct. 

  • Select '+Maintain another representative' to update details of more time-share advisers. You can update 25 representatives per transaction. 

  • Select 'Edit/Review' if the information has been entered incorrectly for a time-share adviser. 

  • Select 'Remove' to remove the update for a provisional financial adviser. 

When all provisional financial adviser updates have been added correctly, select 'Next' to continue. 


Read the declaration to ensure you agree with the conditions of the transaction. 

  • If you agree, tick the boxes next to the declaration to proceed. 

  • Select your authority for submitting the transaction. 

Select 'Next' to continue. 


You can choose to pay using a credit card, or BPAY. Alternatively, you can request an invoice to be sent to you. 

  • Select the 'Pay Now' option. 

  • Select 'Pay Now' to continue. 

Enter your credit card details. 

  • Select 'Submit' to process the payment. 

If you want to pay at a later date, you can do so by using BPAY or requesting an invoice to be sent to you. 

  • Select the 'Pay Later' option. 

  • Select the 'Invoice' or 'BPAY' option. If you select 'Invoice' it will be sent to: 
    • AFS licensee: the email address if one has been provided. Otherwise it will be sent to the service address. 

    • AFS representative: the email address if one has been provided. Otherwise it will be sent to the principal place of business. 

  • If you select 'BPAY' you will need to print or make note of the BPAY details and process your payment. 

  • Select 'Pay Later'. 


This screen confirms your transaction has been submitted. 

  • Select 'Print the transaction' to download a printable PDF version of the transaction. 

  • Select one of the links under What else can I do for more information about other services. 

  • Select 'Home' to return to the ASIC Connect home page. 

What is an ASIC key?

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What is an industry funding security key?

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