Derivative trade repositories

A derivative trade repository is a facility to which information about derivative transactions, or about positions relating to derivative transactions, can be reported.

ASIC is responsible for making and enforcing the derivative transaction rules that establish mandatory obligations for reporting and clearing of derivative transactions.

Trade repositories that wish to accept derivative trade data reported under mandatory reporting obligations must be licensed under the Corporations Act 2001 or prescribed under the Corporations Regulations 2001.

As part of our role, we:

  • administer the Australian derivative trade repository (ADTR) licensing regime
  • grant relief or exemptions from certain provisions regulating the licensing or operations of an ADTR, and
  • assess, report and give directions on ADTR licensees’ compliance with their obligations.
Topic Key information
Rules ASIC Derivative Trade Repository Rules 2023
  • Regulatory Guide 249 Derivative trade repositories (RG 249) outlines how ADTRs can comply with their obligations, and the licensing and exemption process.
  • ADTR licence application kit provides guidance to applicants and the ADTR Licence application form.
  • Schedule of Corporations Fees outlines the fee associated with an ADTR licence application.
Licensed ADTRs
  • DTCC Data Repository (Singapore) Pte Ltd (DDRS)
  • KOR Reporting Inc. (KOR)
Australian public data Under Rule 2.3.5 a licensed ADTR must create and disclose statistical data from the derivative trade data reported to it, see:
Prescribed derivative trade repositories
  • DTCC Data Repository (U.S.) LLC
  • Derivatives Repository Ltd
  • DTCC Data Repository (Japan) KK
  • DTCC Data Repository (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • DTCC Data Repository (Ireland) Plc
  • UnaVista TRADEcho B.V.
  • UnaVista Limited, and
  • the Monetary Authority appointed under section 5A of the Exchange Fund Ordinance of Hong Kong.
Consultation Consultation Paper 370 Proposed remake of the ASIC Derivative Trade Repository Rules 2013 (CP 370)
Past 2013 Rules From 10 July 2013 until 1 October 2023 ASIC Derivative Trade Repository Rules 2013
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