Stopping deregistration

If your company is being deregistered, you can apply to stop it.

How can I stop an ASIC-initiated deregistration?

Depending on why the company is being deregistered, you can stop deregistration by paying the company's annual review fee and any other overdue fees.

You must allow enough time for your payment to be processed. If the company is already deregistered, it is too late to apply to stop deregistration.

I've applied for voluntary deregistration, but changed my mind. How can I stop it?

You may be able to stop voluntary deregistration by contacting us  and explaining why the company should not be deregistered. For example, the company is still in business.

We'll review your request and respond within 28 days.

A third party can stop company deregistration

A third party (e.g. another company) can stop ASIC from deregistering a company if:

  • they are conducting legal proceedings against the company or
  • they intend to conduct legal proceedings against the company shortly.

We will delay deregistration to allow any action to be completed.

To lodge a request you must contact us and include:

  • the company's name and Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • detail why you want to defer deregistration, along with any supporting evidence.
  • your postal address

I applied for deregistration, but it didn't go through. What happened?

If you've applied for deregistration but we reject your application, it could be because:

  • the application fee was not paid
  • the company does not meet all the requirements for deregistration
  • an external administrator has been appointed and lodged documents
  • we have received a court order to stop deregistration or
  • a third party has applied to defer deregistration.

If you need more information about why deregistration didn't proceed, contact us.

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