Guidelines for ministerial consent-undesirable names-Royal family

The references to the Royal Family are references to the British Monarchy.

A business name which, in the context it is proposed to be used, suggests a connection with a member of the Royal Family or receipt of Royal patronage, and that connection does not exist, is considered to be undesirable and, therefore, unavailable to be registered to an entity.

Criteria for the assessment of applications

A connection could be considered to exist if:

(a) the relevant member of the Royal Family has endorsed a name that suggests a connection with that person

(b) the business has in fact received Royal patronage, or the operators of the business are also involved with another body that has received Royal patronage.

Ministerial consent is not required if the connection has been demonstrated.

If the connection has not been demonstrated, consent will normally only be granted for such applications if the applicant has demonstrated that there is no real likelihood that members of the public would be misled into believing that there is a connection with a member of the Royal Family or receipt of Royal patronage.

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Business Names Registration Act 2011

This Act details the legislative framework for business names in Australia.

Business Names Registration (Availability of Names) Determination 2015


This Determination provides the rules for determining whether proposed business names are identical or nearly identical, restricted words and expressions, and the kinds of names that are undesirable.

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