Fees to update the Financial Advisers Register

Fees and notification periods apply for updating information on the Financial Advisers Register. Fees also apply when applying to register a financial adviser with ASIC.

When a financial adviser's details change (including provisional financial advisers and time-share advisers), the Australian financial services (AFS) licensee must update the Register within 30 business days.

Standard fees

A fee covers one financial adviser. For example, one fee for:

  • appointing (adding) one new financial adviser
  • updating multiple details at the same time about one financial adviser who is already on the Register
  • ceasing (removing) one financial adviser
  • ceasing (removing) one financial adviser
  • applying to register one financial adviser with ASIC.

Appointing, updating, ceasing or registering two financial advisers incurs two fees. Appointing, updating, ceasing or registering 25 financial advisers incurs 25 fees.

If the person is both a financial adviser and an authorised representative, one transaction (one fee) updates both the Financial Advisers Register and the Authorised Representatives Register (you must select both role types in the transaction).

Transaction Fee
Appoint (add) $57
Appoint within 10 business days of AFS licence being approved No fee
Maintain (update) or correct

Multiple details can be updated or corrected for the same financial adviser in the same transaction

Cease (remove) $36
Register $50

Late fees

Less than 30 business days' late

Over 30 business days' late




See Information on the Financial Advisers Register for a full list of information required.

You can apply to ASIC for a fee waiver in some circumstances. For more information, see Fee waivers.

Fees to add information

The following fees apply to add new information or update existing information on the Financial Advisers Register.

Transaction Fee
For existing advisers  
Add principal place of business and email address No fee*
Select adviser role type No fee*
Add CPD year start date (submit Form FS20) No fee*
For all advisers  
Add or amend phone number No fee
Notify failure to meet CPD requirements $36
Update qualification and training courses $36
Change ability or capacity for adviser to provide tax (financial) advice services1 $36
Register an adviser $50
Appoint (add) adviser $57

*Fee applies if other information is added, changed or updated in the same transaction

[1] The first time this information is added to the Register, no fee applies. Subsequent changes or updates to this information will incur a fee. See ASIC Information Sheet 268 FAQs: Regulation and registration of relevant providers who provide tax (financial) advice services (INFO 268) for further information.

How to pay

When you make a transaction in ASIC Connect, you can choose to:

  • pay straight away using a credit card, or
  • pay later by BPAY or invoice.

If you choose to pay by invoice, the invoice will be emailed within 48 hours to the person who made the transaction.

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