FS71 Auditor’s Report for AFS Licensee

Form FS71      
Description Auditor’s Report for AFS Licensee
Purpose Lodged with FS70.
Applicable Fees No Fee
Lodging Period For each financial year Late Fees Not applicable
Legislation References

Corporations Act 2001\989B\3

Corporations Act 2001\912AA

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Online Lodgement for AFS licensees Paper Lodgement last updated: 01/07/2022
Lodge your accounts online

You must lodge your annual accounts and audit report online via our Licensees portal.

You should complete, sign and retain your signed original FS70 profit and loss statement and balance sheet and FS71 audit report and/or annual compliance certificate for your records.

For more information, see AFS licensees - lodging annual accounts and audit report using forms FS70 and FS71

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Last updated: 19/01/2023 03:28