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24 October 2022 - ARTICLE
Consumers remain front and centre in credit enforcement

By Deputy Chair Sarah Court 24 October 2022 Australians have experienced a range of financial pressures in recent years, from the uncertainty of the ...

19 October 2022 - NEWS ITEM
What to do if you are affected by floods in Victoria, NSW or Northern Tasmania

19 October 2022 Help is available for people with flood-related property damage. Six finance-related steps to take once immediate danger has passed. ...

18 October 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Crypto scam alert:

18 October 2022 ASIC is alerting investors about a suspicious website,, using crypto to scam Australians. The operators of the ...

12 October 2022 - SPEECH
32nd Annual Credit Law Conference - Regulatory Update

Speech by ASIC Commissioner Sean Hughes to the 32nd Annual Credit Law Conference, 12 October 2022. Check against delivery Thank you for that warm ...

11 October 2022 - SPEECH
ASIC regulatory message: GRC2022 Annual Conference

Speech by ASIC Commissioner Sean Hughes to the GRC2022 Annual Conference, 11 October 2022. Check against delivery Good morning and thank you to the ...

11 October 2022 - SPEECH
House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics - Opening Statement - 11 October 2022

Speech by ASIC Chair Joe Longo to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, 11 October 2022. Check against delivery I am pleased ...

4 October 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Guidance for consumers impacted by the Optus data breach

The Australian Government has released a factsheet to provide information on what to do if your data has been compromised in the recent Optus data ...

7 September 2022 - SPEECH
Superannuation regulatory update: What to expect over the next five years

Speech by ASIC Commissioner Danielle Press to the AIST Conference of Major Superannuation Funds, 7 September 2022.  Check against delivery Good ...

1 September 2022 - NEWS ITEM
Important next steps for existing financial advisers who have not passed the exam and their licensees

Financial advisers who are eligible for the exam extension but have not passed the exam, have an opportunity before 30 September 2022 to limit the ...

1 September 2022 - NEWS ITEM
ASIC releases July and August 2022 financial adviser exam results

ASIC has released exam results from the 18th Financial Advisers Exam cycle, held in July and August 2022. The exam has been continuously conducted by ...

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