Enter addresses of proposed business name

As part of your application, you must provide an address for service of documents, a principal place of business address and an email address as part of your application.

What addresses do I need to provide?

Service of documents

In your application you will need to provide a physical street address or postal (po box) address in Australia. We use this to send official notices to the business name holder. The address will be available on the Business Names Register.

Principal place of business

This is the primary location where you carry on business. This address must be a street address in Australia. We are unable to accept a post office box address.

This address is displayed on the Business Names Register. If you are a sole trader and your principal place of business is the same as your residential address, only the suburb, postcode and state or territory will be displayed.


We will send all business name correspondence to your email address.

Mobile number (SMS)

If provided, we may use the address to send short messages such as alerts and reminders.

Do I need to list all my trading addresses for a business name?

No. You do not need to list every trading address for your business. You only need to nominate an address for service of documents, a principal place of business and an email address.

Can I suppress my address information

Yes. In some circumstances you can submit an application to have some or all of your details suppressed. See Request suppression of business name register details page for more information.

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