Add ABN for business name holder

If you registered your business name before May 28 2012, you may not have an Australian Business Number (ABN) against your business name.

Adding an ABN to your business name will allow people, banks, and other organisations to search and verify your business details. It also allows us to link your information held by the Australian Business Register.

If you registered your business name after May 28 2012, you would have provided an ABN when you registered.

Make sure your business name and ABN details match

When adding an ABN, you need to make sure that the ABN details match the business name details. Otherwise, we won't accept it.


Jo Craft and Sally Fields hold the business name ‘Jo and Sally’s Crafty Corner’ and want to add an ABN to their holder details. Jo has an ABN from a previous business and they decide to use that. However, the ABN belongs to 'Jo Craft' as an individual and the request is rejected.

Jo and Sally apply for a new ABN as a partnership and are able to add the new ABN.

If there is only a typographical difference between the holders (e.g. 'Steven Smith' holds the ABN but the business name is held by 'Steve Smith'), we'll ask you to confirm that they're the same person before we make the change.

How to add an ABN for names owned by individuals or partnerships

If your business name is held by an individual or a partnership, you can add an ABN using ASIC Connect.

Step 1 - Sign up and log in to ASIC Connect

You need to link your business name before you can add an ABN. See Business names for more information.

Step 2 - Select your business name in the 'Lodgements and notifications' tab

Step 3 - Select 'Add ABN' from the transactions list and press 'Go'

Step 4 - Enter the holder's ABN, confirm the details are correct, and submit the transaction

How to add an ABN for names owned by companies, trusts, joint ventures, or associations

If your business name is held by a company, trust, joint venture, or association, you can add an ABN by printing out and completing the paper form below:

Add an ABN for a business name holder (PDF 403kB) 

Once you've completed the form, you can send it by email to

Alternatively, you can mail it to:

Australian Securities & Investments Commission
PO Box 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre
VIC 3841

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